Collecting used skateboards.

Sk8 Shades are made from used skateboards collected throughout South Africa but mostly Durban where we are based. We trade brand new skateboards and sunglasses for used boards, based on a points system, giving back to the skaters who support Sk8shades. This keeps the majority of Durban’s used skateboards out of the landfill and puts fresh wood under a skaters feet. Around here skateboards are used and abused until there is barely nothing left. They don’t come from pro skaters who ride 10 boards a month, they stay in circulation for months or even years and by the time we get them there are pressure cracks and delams, hidden cracks and hardly any tails. This prevents us from taking the easier route of cutting sunglasses straight from the decks, we have to rebuild them to make them strong.

How its done

Once the used boards have their griptape removed and have been cross-cut, ripped, planed, sanded, laminated, squared, veneered, sanded and sized, they are ready for laminating into a curve. This is done, one-by-one, using clamps and moulds made from off-cuts of birch plywood. Shaping edging and grooving takes place on one of the bench mounted routers and comes 24 hours after being removed from the moulds. Temples are shaped from the tails and noses retaining some of the graphics. All moulds, templates and tooling is made in-house using basic tools, woodworking machinery and a few Franken-tools made up from various pawn-shop finds. With +250 laminated glue joints in our layered frames and up to 200 in our Dirty or Clean frames, Sk8shades are rebuilt layer by layer to create a strong, lightweight and comfortable frame.


High quality polarized lenses, Uv protected, shock absorbing, scratch resistant and optically correct are standard along with stainless steel spring hinges.

Polarized mirror lenses are available on request.


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