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I was recently asked by Marcus Waltilla of Up&Down Co. in Sweden to collaborate on a range of wooden sunglasses for his brand and also work on a wooden wallet. Using some of the off-cuts from making temples, the wooden wallet has started to take shape.

MkII cruved nsert and squeeze action for ease of use.

MkII curved insert and squeeze action for ease of use.

After the first attempt I wasn’t happy with the functionality of the wallet. It was hard to actually get your cards into the wallet and Marcus told me the groove to push the cards out also needs to be bigger. Again using the nose and tail of the boards means there is a curve between the 2 usable pieces. This curve is put to use and creates an opening on one side of the wallet allowing you to easily insert your cards or cash. For larger wads of cash or cards, squeeze the edge of the card to create a larger opening on the other side.

Once the price has been worked out and the order for Up&Down Co. is filled, we will be adding them to our shop!

MkIII with Curved insert, recycled inner tube and dirty veneer.

MkIII with curved insert and recycled inner tube with dirty veneer to hold it all together.

DaveSk8 Wallet

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