The Story Behind Sk8shades

May and June is a rad time of year in Durban, the nights and mornings start cooling down and the bright Autumn sun warms your bones. As the screws fell out of my 5 year old aviators, one by one, I borrowed a pair of wayfarers from a friend. They had the worst lenses ever and flared up as soon as the sun hit them. Working outdoors, fixing rotten windows and building skateparks, I needed my old lenses back! When it came to time vs money, I had way more of the former and decided to spend some on researching wooden sunglasses. All information led to laser cutting veneers and laminating to a curve, or shaping from a block of solid “exotic” wood. Having no access to any of these options, I went with the only curved piece of “exotic” wood I had lying around, a leftover piece of an old skateboard that I had previously used to make a lampshade. There was only enough for one frame, but that was all I needed to get started.