Trade your old ride!

Used boards

Need more space?

If you have a pile of used and snapped boards under your bed, in your garage or stashed at your granny’s house, you are either waiting for that project you’ve always been meaning to make from them, or just hoarding them to remember all the good times! What better way to celebrate their previous glory days than to pull them out from the darkness and let us turn them into Sk8shades! We will trade you a new ride or a pair of shades for some of your old boards!

We work on a points system where snapped and cracked boards are worth 5 points and boards in one piece are worth 10 points.

The terms are:

5 points for a snapped deck, we need both pieces or its 2.5 points per half.

10 points for a board in one piece with no cracks or holes! Cracked boards are 5 points.

50 points gets you a new Familia deck

10 points for griptape

100 points for a pair of shades.

?? points for shipping. If you are outside Durban we need to know your location in order to determine shipping costs.

If you are in Durban we will collect from the Beachfront Skatepark.

This is only available for South African skateboarders at the moment.


DaveTrade your old ride!